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"I had a phone appointment whit Mr. Gareth Buckley, and I can't be more happy and thankful. Very responsive and knowledgeable ,patient with my questions and he make it easy for me to understand. Thank you so much for your support. I wish I contacted this company before, so I wouldn't have so much stress thinking about my business. Highly recommended "

– Director of a limited company


Cancelling your Bankruptcy

You could propose an IVA if this is appropriate. Once this is accepted you could annul your bankruptcy, but if the IVA then failed, you would be made bankrupt again.

If you have sufficient funds to pay your creditors (all of them) and all of the costs associated with the bankruptcy, then you could apply for an annulment. Once your bankruptcy is annulled, the record is wiped clean as though it never happened. We can assist you with this.

If you are considering bankruptcy, considering an IVA from bankruptcy or have personal finance issues and just don’t know what way to turn, please contact us for free, confidential advice with no obligation on 01823 216156.

We can help you decide, call now for your free options analysis

"Helpful, friendly and Informative.
Gareth and his team have been really helpful, friendly and informative. Guiding me through a very difficult situation without judgement and with a great amount of understanding and consideration. Thank you!"
– Jennie


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