Are you looking after your WFH employees?

Gareth BuckleyBusinesses & Directors, Covid-19

 In the uncertain times of COVID19, it may be easy to overlook your business or company’s greatest assets – the people.

Here’s a helpful list of how to support your employees while continuing to Work From Home (WFH).

As the government continues to ramp up the response to COVID19 we must remember there is still no I in team. If you’re an employer, here’s a list of some specific and actionable things you can do to support your employees.

Help your team organise their time 

  • Share the plan for the coming months. There will be changes in the way people work. If possible, create a chart or document which shows the planned company or business response to a range of potential scenarios. For example, if all employees are asked to work from home we will hold a virtual meeting on Zoom at 9:30am every morning. Be specific and clear. This will help you and your colleagues to plan and organise their time while working from home.

Keep your team informed

  • Signpost your staff to the most up-to-date information and advice. A weekly email with a round up of any relevant government information, any business updates and any future changes is a good way to keep everyone informed.

Be flexible

  • For many people working from home will come with distractions. Where possible, be flexible regarding when employees complete their work. Setting agreed and achievable deadlines for completion allows employees to work around distractions and at times which work best for them.

Encourage creative thinking

  • Now is the time to be thinking creatively about your business. How can your company or business provide the services or products people will need now and in the near future? Encourage your employees to think about new approaches, new audiences, new channels or new products or services. Supporting your staff to contribute to the solution will help keep your team together. Explore the best way to capture, share and act on suggestions.

Simplify your comms

  • Consider prefacing email subject lines with clear titles such as ACTION REQ, INFO ONLY, URGENT, DEADLINE, QUESTION, etc. Share this with your team. Given that there will be distractions when employees are working from home, clarity about what is required and when will help to keep things ticking over.


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