Are your clients experiencing any of the following? If so, our Insolvency Practitioners can help.

  • Creditor pressure
  • Increased overheads
  • Cash flow problems
  • HMRC debt
  • Winding up petitions
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Poor trading conditions
  • Looking to sell their business
  • Looking to retire
  • Shareholder disputes
We can help

Why work with us?

The Insolvency Company can help you to:

  • Support a client experiencing company debt
  • Retain your client
  • Support a client through liquidation with a MVL
  • Recover unpaid invoices
  • Generate additional income assisting in the case with general accountancy or legal requirements

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The Insolvency Company
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You retain your client

Our aim is to help you get your client back on their feet. The Insolvency company works with you and your client to find the most appropriate solutions to deal with company debt or liquidation. If there is additional legal or accountancy work required, we pass this back to you where possible.

The Insolvency Company
How we work with you

The Insolvency Company is a family-run, licensed insolvency practice who work with individuals and businesses to resolve their financial difficulties. We do this through professional, accredited business and insolvency advice and support.

We work collaboratively with professionals like you to help give your clients the information, advice and support they require at an early stage to achieve the best possible outcome for all involved.

We pride ourselves in our confidential, empathetic and compassionate service. During their free, no-obligation consultation we work with your client to discuss their situation and explore all of the available options.

Depending on the circumstances, this could include debt reconciliation, debt management, liquidation or rebuilding a company.


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Free advice and information
Our RESOURCES PAGE is full of valuable and insightful information, advice and tips for your solvent and insolvent clients on topics such as:

  • avoiding business pitfalls
  • selling a company
  • company liquidations - MVLs
  • business recovery
  • how businesses can go on to be highly successful following financial difficulty