Coronavirus Business Support Guides

The following guides have been developed to help you get the right help and financial support to get you and your business through the Coronavirus pandemic.  I hope that you find them useful:

Coronavirus Self Employed Support Guide – Last updated 30/03/2020

Coronavirus Business Support Guide – Last updated 30/03/2020

Coronavirus Working From Home Teamwork Tips

Coronavirus Keep calm and carry on

Running a business? Wondering what you need to do now?




As the world reacts to the global pandemic, it’s important to remember that the ingredients for business success remain the same. This article does not contain any new ideas. These are not things you need to do right now, these are things you should continue doing to run a successful business.


Take care of the PEOPLE in your business

Business is about people – you, your employees, your clients, your community and your extended network. This has not changed. Keep people informed, especially if any important or hard decisions need to be made. Support people if they are working from home, especially if they have children who may also be ‘working’ from home. Be flexible. Seek advice, offer support, do the right thing by the people in your business. Importantly, take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Get to grips with your CASH FLOW

Be clear about what money you are expecting to come in over the next few months. What invoices will you need to pay? Be realistic. Have honest and open conversations with debtors and creditors sooner rather than later.



Explore new ideas, new channels, new markets. This is the time to innovate. Consider the skills, knowledge and experience within your business. Listen to what your clients or customers need and provide solutions. Consider what you, your service or your products can offer to existing or new audiences. Diversify, pivot, be bold and brave in order to give your clients and customers what they need.


Use your knowledge, skills and experience to HELP OTHERS

If you run a business, it means you and/or your business have the experience, knowledge or skills that other people want or need. Share, and encourage other people in your teams to share, skills, knowledge and the benefit of experience within your business, within your sector and with those in your wider network. We’d be wise to remember that business is an ecosystem, not an island.


Know where to find SUPPORT

Access the skills, knowledge and expertise in your network. Speak with your bank about extending repayment terms, ask about loans, research grants you may be eligible for. HMRC, as well as a number of banks, are currently offering a range of financial support for businesses. Find more information in our support documents below: