Accountant referrals


As an accountant, you will occasionally come across a client whose business is in difficulty. The following are signs that they may need to speak with an Insolvency Practitioner:

• Cash flow problems
• Increasing debt levels
• Turnover/sales reduced significantly
• Recent losses with no turnaround plan
• Creditor pressure/unpaid supplier invoices
• Clients delaying providing information to complete accounts

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Who we are


We are a small family run practice based in Taunton, Somerset. Our Insolvency Practitioner is heavily involved in all cases that we work on and is always willing to meet with you and your clients face to face.

We focus entirely on Insolvency work and do not perform any general accountancy work. This means that you retain the client and your future relationship won’t be affected.


Get in touch


If you would like to become a referrer or would like more information please contact us:

– 01823 216156


– 2 The Crescent, Taunton, Somerset. TA1 4EA

What we do


We aim to help clients with debt problems achieve a clean, one-time resolution of their difficulties. If your client has serious debt problems, one of the following solutions may be appropriate:

• Solvent liquidations (MVL) from £1,995 plus VAT and disbursements
• Insolvent liquidations (CVL) – Dependant on specific company details
• Company Voluntary Arrangements – Dependant on specific company details
• Individual Voluntary Arrangements – For non-incorporated businesses

By resolving the financial difficulties of the business, we enable you to continue to advise Members and Directors in relation to their ongoing business and personal affairs.



As a specialist insolvency practice we don’t do any general accountancy work so your client relationship will not be affected.


In many cases, you can charge a fee for any work that you perform on the case. This can include fees for assisting with the following:

• Preparation of a Statement of Affairs
• Bringing accounts up to date
• Termination loss claims


Should you have any clients who require advice, or you would like to meet with our Insolvency Practitioner then please call us on 01823 216156 or email

Accountants FAQs

Will The Insolvency Company sell other products and services to my client?

No, we will never cross sell any products to your clients.Our focus is making sure that your client receives the Insolvency service that they need.

How will I be kept informed of the progress of the case?

We can provide regular report and updates to meet your needs. We are happy to update you as often as you require.

Will I be paid for referring clients to The Insolvency Company?

There are specific rules that govern paying fees to introducers.In many cases, you can charge a fee for your assistance in establishing the clients current financial circumstances.

Do you accept referrals from companies other than accountants?

Yes, there are many types of business that regularly come into contact with clients who require the advice of an Insolvency Practitioner. Examples include:

Mortgage brokers
Independent Financial Advisers

No matter your industry, if you have a client that needs advice we will always offer a Free Consultation and provide your client with a specific recommendation.

How do I become an introducer to The Insolvency Company?

You can call us on our office line, 01823 216156 or email us at Alternatively you can complete the enquiry form above.

However you get in touch with us we are always happy to take the time to meet with you and explain how we can help you and your clients. We hope to meet you soon over a cup of coffee!